Monday, August 15, 2011

Goodbye and The End

This isn't my very last post most likely, but it is close to it. You see... I have some news for you.

I have officially been accepted to enter the School Sisters of Christ the King on August 28. Yes, I am aspiring to be a religious, a sister, in this community. I've posted photos of them before yet avoided questions of whether I was primarily discerning with this community so I could tell family and good friends first. But now, as the date approaches, and I think of deleting my facebook, blog, twitter... I know I have to leave some reason for suddenly disappearing. And in addition I could really use your prayers. Please pray for me, that God's will may be done in my life, and for the community, that God blesses them abundantly with many vocations.

Formation recreation in April while I was visiting.
(Click photo for link to blog post "Visiting the Sisters")

Why this direction? Why this choice? Well, it really is all by God's grace and goodness that He has called me to be His bride, His love. There have been many small moments of grace and some larger moments, leading me to this point. And, praise the Lord, I am saying "yes" to His calling for my life. We are all called to holiness, but each of us, as unique human beings, are called to live in a different way, leading us to holiness and ultimately heaven. The next best step for me at this time, in my path to holiness and heaven, is to enter this wonderful community as a Postulant in just 13 days from now.

 An outing to Boys Town

An outing to Boys Town

 Walking the grounds.

Answers to the inevitable questions:
Yes, I am excited! God is so wonderful!
Yes, I am slightly nervous and overwhelmed. But God is all good and all powerful. Jesus, I trust in You!
Yes, I will be deleting my facebook and blog.
No, you cannot e-mail me.
Yes, you can write me. No, I cannot write back very much.
Yes, I will get to see my family.

Once again, I ask for your prayers, especially on this feast of the Assumption!

May Christ the King reign in your heart and the hearts of all those you meet this day!

In Christ through Mary.

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