Sunday, May 1, 2011

Friendship and Simplicity

I recently visited the International Forest of Friendship with, you guessed it, some friends.

We kicked the evening off with some time at the lake, grilling and eating out of the back of the car since it was too windy to set things out on the picnic tables. Once almost everyone had left, four of us went for a drive around the lake and to the "forest."

It was beautiful. Okay. Not necessarily the trees (most were not in full bloom yet... if they ever are. Half the trees there are not meant to be growing in the middle of the midwest). The time there with friends was beautiful though. It's got me thinking though... how simple of a time it was. We sat on picnic tables at a lake, grilling, and talking for over two hours. No need for games, or movies, or computers. The most technology was an occasional phone call or text and my camera. Then the walk through the "forest"--how wonderful! The simplicity of the afternoon was great--it allowed for conversation, stories, jokes, laughter. Despite the 38mph winds, we enjoyed the geese, the lake, and most importantly each other.

I can't thank God enough for these wonderful friends I've made here at BC and for all the people He's placed in my life. Whether it's the check-out clerk at Wal-mart or a classmate or a FOCUS Missionary, they've all been placed in my life for a reason for a given amount of time--and I praise the Lord the time I've been given with them!


I once read this quote somewhere, and it's so true. Feeling the love of the people around us, and the Lord's love especially, is what feeds my life and keeps me going.

"To feel the love of people whom we love is a fire that feeds our life." -Pablo Neruda

What feeds your fire?

In Christ through Mary.

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