Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Destination: Portland, Oregon - The Grotto

Located in the heart of Portland is the National Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother, or more commonly called The Grotto. It was recommended to us by numerous people before we left, and I am so glad we went on our first night in Portland. After not being able to get to daily mass that morning, it was wonderful to visit this place of such peace and prayer and to make a visit to chapel.

There are two levels to this beautiful sanctuary. The plaza level, accessible off Sandy Blvd. in the heart of Portland and not far from the airport, immerses you in the sanctuary after a short walk from the parking lot. The stone grotto, chapel, and counseling center is on this level. The upper level is 110 feet above the plaza is 62 acres and a piece of heaven. It holds two different chapels, numerous shrines and gardens, and a monastery, home of the Servite Friars.

The stone grotto in the heart of the plaza level.

Replica of the Pieta in the grotto.

Painting above the altar in the Chapel of Mary on the plaza level.

The tabernacle in the Chapel of Mary.

St. Jude Thaddeus statue in the upper garden level.

St. Joseph statue - also on the upper level.

Statue of Mary in front of the monastery


If you're ever in Portland, this is one stop that is a must! Make a visit to Our Lord in the chapel and take your time exploring and praying in this sanctuary in the middle of a noisy, busy city.

In Christ through Mary.

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