Monday, July 11, 2011

Destination: Oregon

Two weeks ago, my parents, sister, and I made a long road trip to Oregon for my cousin's wedding. Along the way we stopped at various places, seeing different towns, family, friends, and various sights. Once we reached Oregon, we stopped at Crater Lake before heading up to Portland for a few days.

I finally understand why my friend, Carina, has always loved Oregon... So beautiful and awe-inspiring! Especially the mountains--when I got out to at one point, the smell of the sage was overwhelming! I simply wanted to bottle the smell forever.

Looking out over Crater Lake.

Looking out over the mountains, opposite Crater Lake.

Driving through the foggy mountains towards Portland.

It was an amazing trip... Look for more photos to come, including Portland's Mary Grotto, rose gardens, wedding photos, and more!

In Christ through Mary.

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