Friday, August 17, 2012

7 Quick Takes (v. 2)

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 182)

So first, I have to explain why there was no second week of 7 Quick Takes, or even a link to another one, last week. I've been on vacation now for nearly two weeks and finally am at a place where I have regular internet connection. It's been nice not having internet, seeing family, friends, but it did mean no 7 Quick Takes last week.

Part of my vacation was the final vows of Sr. Marie Caritas, C.K! What a beautiful day for this Bride of Christ, for the community, and for the whole Church! I'll be honest though... I took no pictures, so I can't share anything like that with you.

As I prepare for classes this semester, I am getting excited again about youth ministry-- and so following some people on Google+ and on blogs. A friend posted this one and I think it's a good suggestion for youth ministers gearing up for a new school year. It's 48 hours of "retreat"-- more like intentional planning and praying about the future of your ministry. Good thing to do. Check it out here.

On that note, I would have to also recommend youth ministers block in some weekend, either now or sometime during each semester, for "personal retreat days." No, that's not some title for time to clean your house and do laundry and catch up on things, but not have to go into the office. That's you, going to some cabin in the mountains, some retreat house, some place where you can disconnect from the world, attend Mass, and ideally Adoration, and spend some time in silence and prayer, grounding yourself. I took a day for this when I visited the Sisters in my last two weeks of travels and it was exactly what I needed to begin to prepare for my semester.

For a good laugh, see the Ironic Catholic's 10 Bad Assumptions, 1 Good Assumption post here.

Since my photography this week is down to about two pictures taken, and make that in the last two weeks (I know, I've been horrible, but hopefully better soon?), I guess I'll share a photo I saw on a blog that I liked. It really captured the modern architecture and I love the clouds too! Check it out here.

I found this short post wonderful and moving this week and wanted to share it. Yes, you'll have to link to the blog to get the whole thing though.

There is nothing worse than the groaning of a heart in the dark. It wants but will not have. Speaking without works, the mind cannot (or will not?) comprehend. It is an ache that seeks to consume all. I must learn ...

In Christ through Mary.

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