Sunday, February 20, 2011

Families, Fun, and Relaxation

It's little sibs weekend here at BC. It's fun to see all the families and meet others' siblings, but makes me miss my family all the more. After Mass yesterday, I met up with my suitemate, her boyfriend, and their sisters at a tailgate/carnival thing. It was so much fun to see the girls enjoying the games and food. After we finished there, I had a little time to spare before I met up with a friend to watch the Lady Ravens' basketball game. So, I walked up towards the library and took the below shots.


The ladies played a good game, but after going into overtime they lost by three. It was hard to watch that happen, but I really enjoyed watching the whole game and the company of friends and their families. I really hope to make it out to a few more sporting events this semester... GO RAVENS!

Yesterday I also updated the website, so take a look and see what new creations I have for sale!

In Christ through Mary.

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